Monday, June 7, 2010

Tendance Rose

Word out.
Paris is thinking PINK
Tendance rose/trend pink.
Forgetabout RED PBers!
The first indication that something was going on was this lush gateaux in Lenotres vitrine. I spotted it coming out of the Metro the minute I set foot dans le rue...
Of course France is in love with the iPad.
And this has to be a French Girl.
Ballerinas - check
Mariniere striped shirt - check
Pink jeans?
What's up with that I'm thinking...

HELLO? Pale pink skirt... 
Les mecs/guys have succumbed to the wearing of the pink - HOT pink no less! 
An older French Girl in pink... 
The padding on these construction poles - PINK 
Burberrys kid shop is full of framboise. This outfit head to toe is over 200 euros - that's a lot of green... 
If you want to know what color Paris is obsessed with, just go by Marie-Papier on rue Vavin. It's that simple. This shop is always in the know. 

Le Bon Marche?
Pink in the windows. 
Pink inside. 
Is it any wonder L'Occident is featuring PINK peonies/pivione? 
Pink/rose radis in La Grand Epicerie... 
Pink egg crates were there too... 
French Girl has them inside her fridge, naturalment... 
AND a pink tassel hanging on the door...  



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