Friday, June 18, 2010


What began as a small hobby for New York-based designer, Sandee Shin, exploded into an entire line of avant-garde jewelry. Armor Jewelry is an arsenal of high fashion jewelry that dances between understated minimalism and the highly conceptual edge of fashion.

Launching in 2009, each piece of the collection is a unique sculpture for the body that reflects the lifestyles of those who aren’t afraid to push boundaries. Armor Jewelry is a hybrid of soft, subtle draping and a mix of sexy chain materials. Each metal chain texture is carefully chosen to reflect the concept and design of the final product. Materials are then deconstructed and reconfigured to create silhouettes that effortlessly add edge and elegance to any outfit. Each piece can hold it’s own with a simple white tee or be a crowning piece over a gown.

Shin’s background in performance art and design influences her choices in texture and draping. Every jewelry design is a personal work of art for Shin, and every piece is made-to-order and hand crafted with attention to every detaIL.

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