Friday, July 2, 2010

Versace Resort 2011

The silhouette was scuba-streamlined and short, stretch fabrics let the body move, as in the white leather safari dress, which had a sort of body gusseting in a combination of cotton and nylon. But it was ultimately the color scheme that gave the collection its kick. Orange, pink, mint, pistachio, and lilac run in the Versace veins. Cute accessory alert: a knapsack looky-likey that broke down into four bags, just perfect for mum, teen, and two tweens.
he Lichtenstein dot was the key motif, lined up in various sizes to trick the eye and define the body, sometimes in combination with strips of the kind of ribbon you might have found in Donatella's mother's sewing box. That proper little retro echo resonated in a sundress and jackets in safari and Panama styles.

mel xx


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